4 Simple Steps To Revive Lost Property Portal Leads

Property portals are often a key channel through which realtors receive maximum leads. While managing leads from other portals is not difficult, engaging with property leads comes with its own sets of challenges. Executives often fail to follow-up due to the sheer volume of leads generated. This failure in engagement costs your and your Real Estate business a lot of money. At Paramantra, we have a solution which is tailor-made to combat this problem. You can now gain and retain the interest of a dead lead with the help of our 4-step guide.

To begin with, there are 3 questions you need to address:

  • Which of the dead leads have the potential of a re-connect?
  • Ways of building comfort and context during initial contact.
  • How pressing is the need to treat property portal leads differently?

Since 1 & 3 are very specific, we will leave it up to you to filter the leads and establish the points of action.

Now we can address the point that will determine if the lead remains interested or decides to bid adieu. The first call and the ensuing conversation will determine what the lead has taken away from your sales pitch. You can always improve initial engagement by providing your sales team with relevant training.  This training is essential because initial engagement sets the tone for all future engagements. Only you can provide this personalized training, but we equip you with a starting point with the help of the 3-step guide.

Question 1: Good morning/Afternoon, Am I speaking with “Prospect Name”?

Brief: Set the tone right. Don’t play to the stereotype of a sales executive who starts selling from the first breath. Be polite, greet the customer and ask who it is you are speaking with. This approach, will help generate interest and the prospect will wonder ‘why are you calling’?

Now that you have established initial interest, we move on to Question 2.

Question 2: Prospect Name, You and I have never spoken to each other but I need a minute to tell you why I am calling. Is this a bad time to talk to you?

Brief: Notice a pattern here? The questions are brief and vague. This piques the curiosity of the prospect and they are more likely to hear you out. Sales executives need to acknowledge that everyone is running against time. Your prospect is busy and doesn’t the time to hold a detailed conversation. Being pushy will get you nowhere, but being polite will!

Note how the question is handing control over to the prospect. This control lets your prospect know that you are prioritizing their time. This empathy will help you gain more recall value. This difference in approach will make you stand out from other representatives.

If the prospect is interested, then you can go in for the deal.

Question 3: Well, I understand that you want to know more about our project in “Location-Area-Description”? I have received these details from “Property Portal Name”. Sometimes the property portal gives us information which is not 100% accurate. So, I am calling to make sure I got the right information. Do you remember going on the property portal and exploring projects in “Location”??

Brief: Note how the question does not blame any party. This will go a long way in keeping your approach different. Blaming a channel partner makes it sounds like you are shifting the responsibility. Instead, convince your prospect that you are a well-wisher who wants him/her to get the best deal. With this approach, you will know if the prospect is still interested in what you have to offer or not.

If the lead acknowledges that he/she has indeed looked for the property, then you can proceed with question 4.

Question 4: I know I called you out of the blue/or say– I know I called without an appointment and you must be busy this morning (if morning), having lunch(if noon/after), getting ready to wrap up work for the day(if later afternoon-evening). If you would like I can call another time for a short discussion.

Brief: Surprised by how we turned the conversation on its head? If you thought Question 4 was your cue to dump all the sales info on your prospect, then think again. When you don’t let on much, you generate more interest. You catch the prospect off guard by not diving into a sales pitch. This also tells the prospect you value his/her time and are willing to follow-up later. Remember, they are not just another number for you to check off your target list. This approach adds to the control your prospect feels and lets them feel in charge, which will work wonders for you. Depending on what the prospect says next, you can chart out a plan for the next call or meeting.

Building rapport through calls is a challenging process but one that is important for closures to occur. This challenge is magnified when you are stuck in remote locations and can’t connect with your leads on time. Paramantra’s mobile CRM helps you update information in real time and from anywhere. When access to lead data lies in the palm of your hands, you will never miss out on a follow-up. It is imperative that you lose no time while engaging with leads generated from property portals.

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