Pricing Strategies

The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing: Key Learnings

In the realm of management decision-making, the application of experience and consideration of multifaceted variables is integral. However, despite the importance of such skills, it remains critical to revisit fundamental concepts periodically. During strategy meetings, pricing is a prevalent and central theme of discussion, emphasizing the necessity for a thorough understanding of pricing strategy. To this …

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Permutations and Business Functions

Permutations: The Building Blocks of Unique Possibilities

Our ability to conceive product-based solutions for our clients is limited by our creativity. However, with the aid of Paramantra, planning and delivering custom orders becomes effortless. Our collaborative solution is centered on the fundamental principles of permutation to create a diverse range of pathways to possible custom offers.  Permutation is a mathematical concept that …

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Inventory Management in CRM

Inventory Planning: Key to Invoice Value

Every dark cloud has a silver lining and COVID-19 caused a dual conundrum. On one hand, manufacturers experienced unprecedented spikes and troughs in customer orders and on the other, their suppliers’ ability to optimally meet the vagaries of this demand. Maintaining optimal inventory to augment production emerged as a challenge as never before.  Most organizations, …

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Manufacturing CRM for Flavors and Fragrances industry

The Best Of ERP In CRM

The following case study examines how a well-established Indian company successfully integrated their legacy functions with an agile CRM solution to achieve their sales and marketing teams’ digital transformation goals. By utilizing a proprietary library, the company was able to seamlessly integrate their legacy functions with the CRM solution. The integration provided a comprehensive understanding …

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Scaling Customer Support

Customer Service For OEMs: In-house or Partners?

When deciding whether to keep the customer service/support function in-house or set up authorized service partners, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) must weigh several factors to determine which approach will work best for them. This article delves into these factors and provides examples of OEMs that have transitioned between in-house and partner-based support. When deciding whether …

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Business Continuity

Connectedness, Continuity and Customers

Continuity plays a pivotal role in sustaining businesses, particularly in customer-facing operations such as sales and customer experience. It is paramount for teams engaging with customers to avoid relying on fragmented decision-making, flawed procedures, or outdated information that impede their ability to achieve customer objectives. The adage, “time is money,” is particularly relevant in this …

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Chaos Theory and Logistic Map

From Order To Chaos: The Logistic Map

Chaos theory is a mathematical discipline that has its foundations in the exploration of intricate and dynamic systems. The emergence of chaos theory can be attributed to the contributions of renowned mathematicians, such as Henri Poincaré, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These scholars delved into the study of nonlinear systems, such as …

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CRM for Depot Repair

Profitability, Sustainability and Depot Repair

Depot repair software is a solution that enables manufacturers to manage their repair operations at a centralized location, known as a depot. The software allows manufacturers to track, manage, and optimize the repair process, leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. A fault in production or failure of a part impacts customer experience, …

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