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Inventory Management in CRM

Inventory Planning: Key to Invoice Value

Every dark cloud has a silver lining and COVID-19 caused a dual conundrum. On one hand, manufacturers experienced unprecedented spikes and troughs in customer orders and on the other, their suppliers’ ability to optimally meet the vagaries of this demand. Maintaining optimal inventory to augment production emerged as a challenge as never before.  Most organizations, …

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Manufacturing CRM for Flavors and Fragrances industry

The Best Of ERP In CRM

The following case study examines how a well-established Indian company successfully integrated their legacy functions with an agile CRM solution to achieve their sales and marketing teams’ digital transformation goals. By utilizing a proprietary library, the company was able to seamlessly integrate their legacy functions with the CRM solution. The integration provided a comprehensive understanding …

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CRM for Depot Repair

Profitability, Sustainability and Depot Repair

Depot repair software is a solution that enables manufacturers to manage their repair operations at a centralized location, known as a depot. The software allows manufacturers to track, manage, and optimize the repair process, leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. A fault in production or failure of a part impacts customer experience, …

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Propensity Analysis and Revenue

Revolutionize Your Revenue Strategy with Propensity Modeling

Innovation is crucial for developing effective strategies, and ideation is a vital component of the innovation process. Propensity modeling can help organizations evaluate the potential impact of various ideas on their objectives. By analyzing historical data and identifying patterns, propensity modeling enables businesses to identify the ideas with the greatest potential for contributing to their …

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Financial Literacy Institute Adopts Paramantra

Unemployment rates are surging globally and professionals are taking this opportunity to learn new skills. Online education aimed at skill enhancement and employability is seeing unprecedented traction in economies worldwide and in developing economies, even more so. Our customer is part of the world’s biggest financial literacy education provider operating in over 150 centers globally. …

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Agri-Business CRM Implementation

Great example of #entrepreneurial resilience during these trying economic times. We are excited to on-board our #customer, based out of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India #automate their #sales process. Our customer specializes in farming and trading of agricultural produce and will use Paramantra to automate their entire customer management life-cycle. Processes that we are automating for them include: managing incoming inquiries, maintaining pricing and …

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Major Tile and Sanitaryware Manufacturer Implements Paramantra

Our customer has 200 stores of its own, 6000 retail outlets, and 750+ dealers throughout India. With distribution in over 60 countries, our customer is a leading brand manufacturing tile and sanitaryware. Our customer had implemented a globally popular manufacturing CRM Software in the past but was repeatedly unable to address the needs of their …

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Nutraceutical Industry CRM Implementation

The pharmaceutical industry has taken the center-stage during the COVID pandemic. Earlier this week, Paramantra onboarded a customer looking to manage their distribution network and latency in customer engagement for their OTC lifestyle and wellness range of nutraceutical product offerings. Our client is based out of Mumbai, India, and has implemented Paramantra to create a platform to seamlessly communicate …

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The Need For A CRM In Medical Device Manufacturing

Galileo, the Father of Modern Science, was born on February 15, 1564, in Italy. He was a natural philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician. Wondering why we are talking about a 16th-century philosopher in the 21st century? Galileo is still relevant and not just in classrooms. Most people are unaware that among his greatest inventions is the …

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