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“Is my current CRM System helping me achieve my business’s true potential?”

As you strive to modernize your customer-facing functions, you may have similar questions as above regarding the efficacy of your current CRM system in helping you reach your business’s full potential. Accurate and timely answers to the following questions can greatly impact the success or failure of your organization’s growth strategy.

Inaccurate Data Impedes Your Decision-Making


  1. Are all leads generated by marketing efficiently attended to?
  2. How much revenue can we realistically forecast and from which sources?
  3. What measures can be taken to increase repeat business and client retention?
  4. Which opportunities should be prioritized for optimal sales growth?

At Paramantra, we understand the challenges of finding and entering information correctly and regularly. Our goal is to provide answers to these critical questions without putting undue strain on your teams.

Established in the Greater Boston area in 2008, Paramantra now has direct offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. We have earned recognition from the government of India and have helped hundreds of customers across over 80 different industries.

Sales And Marketing Automation


With over 250 modules, Paramantra can mobilize and modernize all aspects of your sales, marketing, and service functions. A few examples of our solution’s capabilities include:

  1. More productive performance review meetings through immediate access to key information on revenue, recurring payments, deals at risk, and task progress.
  2. A reduction of 85% in manual data entry dependency for team activity reports, providing automatic dashboards and easier identification of focus areas.
  3. Rapid response to customer inquiries in as little as 5 minutes, improving sales by up to 21 times, through our solution’s ability to access customer data from any device.
  4. Automation of sales and service processes, including tracking, managing channel partners, pricing and quotations, and delivery.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with any existing software or data source to provide a cohesive platform for managing customer-facing functions. We are confident in our ability to provide the best solution for your business, offering unconditional returns and refunds for up to a year. Implementation, customization, training, and consulting services are available on an unlimited basis.

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