Know More About Paramantra – Part 1

This article is written to share information that is not available on Paramantra’s website. It has been written for prospective buyers conducting research to understand more about Paramantra. If this article does not answer the questions or you need more clarifications please contact us via our website.

Solution Coverage

CRM market place is a crowded one. So the product was originally built for serving a niche. We built Paramantra for companies with a High Intensity culture-those are a good fit for us. Meaning where there is a lot of communication back and forth in sales or service environment. Either that or the company’s CEO and sales rep both are in the habit of reporting.

At ground level, the sales rep is accustomed to reporting about everything: updates on customer progress, every conversation, every activity. Additionally, there are 2 extremes in the spectrum who we work for: one being Multi-billion Dollar co that is technologically very mature and the other being a baker in a tier 2 city which is buying CRM for their on-line ordering business. There is a superset of modules that were required to be built so larger companies/teams with more functions and processes in their customer engagement get a complete solution.

On the other hand, there is a basic backbone set of features that even a smaller company with lesser complex customer engagement can use as their first formal CRM solution. The third dimension of our solution coverage is for smaller teams with complex customer engagement- we serve those too since they can select relevant modules meant for larger enterprises as well as smaller enterprises.

The only definite way of seeing how the solution offering is different from others or suited to your business is to request a live product demonstration

How we sell

Partners can add tremendous value to customers and CRM platform companies. They can dedicate the time needed to translate customers’ business strategy to CRM platform. When we put the foundation of Paramantra we built the platform that partners would use to help a customer meet their CRM goals.

However, we also needed our platform to be flexible and easy enough for our customers to tweak. Between an ERP and CRM- a CRM needs more frequent re-configurations and enhancements since it is aligned to customer-facing functions. So while building the configuration panel we started making a configuration/settings page for-well-every feature that we could. We have maintained a direct to customer strategy so far: we sell, implement, train support directly.

We like to engage where customization is less and our customers can go live in a few weeks at the maximum. Pilot projects and free trials are pretty rare because usually in our second/third demo we are able to show what you will use in a few weeks’ time when you go live.


Demo, Consulting, Implementation-configuration, customizations, integrations, and training are all done by our in-house team. In some cases all of these implementation services are not required-since co. is not new to CRM, in other cases all of this is required.

All services are rendered throughout the subscription-meaning you can ask for a re-do of (customization, configuration, training) anytime. Also, as mentioned this is in-house – meaning we do not work with partners-  while it’s a handicap to doing more deals  -but we had to make that difficult choice to ensure that our customers do not need to wait to get the best of Paramantra.

About Pricing

Our subscription fees range from $25 to $120 per user/month. Our options pool of modules is available for qualified buyers to choose from based on how big or small their team is or which business vertical you operate in. A $25 subscription can include features of $120 product if the number of users are sufficiently high for that feature.

Otherwise, an add on fee may be required to include that feature. We offer a plethora of billing options during initial phase of the relationship.

You may be able to bill monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually when you pay your subscription fees for the first few times. From the third renewal onwards we need our customers to renew annually in advance. Currently, there are no add-on fees for services offered. If you have already seen a product demonstration, please contact us to have a more detailed discussion on pricing options by contacting us.

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