Learn How You Can Improve Customer Service in Retail

When customers invest in your brand they expect to receive service that is on par with the amount they have paid. This means that you need to provide them with quality support each time they face an issue with your product.

The projected data displays the average incoming call trend for a group of retail brands over a 3-month period. These brands specialise in providing sportswear and outdoor apparel.

Incoming Call Trend

The incoming call trend chart displays a clear pattern, where calls peak between 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM. There is a dip in the afternoon and rise again between 4:30 to 5:00 PM. As support executives working in the retail sector, it is even more important to attend to client calls. This post-sales interaction determines if existing customers will continue to recommend and purchase your products.  

There are clearly no calls made during the early morning hours and late evening hours, which is not the case in other industries. You can now allocate your support staff to attend and resolve incoming queries during the peak hours. This will help increase engagement and help with resolving issues in record time. Attending to all support queries is pertinent as it can make the difference between retaining existing customers and losing them to a competitor.

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