Major Tile and Sanitaryware Manufacturer Implements Paramantra

Our customer has 200 stores of its own, 6000 retail outlets, and 750+ dealers throughout India. With distribution in over 60 countries, our customer is a leading brand manufacturing tile and sanitaryware. Our customer had implemented a globally popular manufacturing CRM Software in the past but was repeatedly unable to address the needs of their B2Bsales team in the outgoing system.

This team targets EPC, Home Builders, and Construction companies, Architects, and others to drive their institutional sales. Paramantra’s mobility suite is solving performance bottlenecks around tracking and managing field sales mapping, account coverage plans, and progress, partner recruitment, revenue targets, forecasts, and territory reviews. We received this inquiry on May 13th and on May 18th, their subscription fees. Long sales cycles in enterprise software solutions? Not Always.

With Lockdown restrictions being slowly eased, businesses that supply to the building and construction industry have resumed their sales and marketing efforts. Trade shows and exhibitions were the primary mode for such suppliers to meet prospective homebuilders. Most of these exhibitions are either being moved online, or are being re-scheduled to a later and uncertain time. During such times, it is therefore, more important for manufacturers to closely monitor developmental sales activities.

Our customer was unable to address the day to day activities of sales people with the globally known CRM. Here are some of the functionalities from the entire suite which are being implemented on priority for this subscription:

1:Territory Planning:

This will allow sales managers to assign geographic territories as well as prospective and existing accounts to their sales team members. This module also allows a manager to plan how many meetings should a sales rep do, in order to effectively cover their territory.

2: Daily Planning:

With this feature a sales rep will be able to plan her meetings and calls for the day. Additionally the system will allow reps to manage new orders or orders pending activities for closures that are most relevant. After creating this list the system suggests meeting plan for the day, which can easily be edited based on several factors.

3: Partner Management:

This sales team also goes to various retail outlets and showcases its entire range of tiles and sanitaryware. Using our mobile app sales reps can now easily manage and track the entire process of interacting with a prospective partner to converting that relationship to an authorized retailer.

4: Targets and Forecasting:

Another core functionality that their outgoing system lacked was an easy way to monitor and track assigned targets. Using Paramantra’s forecasting module sales team members can forecast deals and orders expected to close. The system also suggests leads that may potentially be a fit to forecast.

5: Communication Suite:

A big part of the sales cycle is expected to move from the field to inside. With that in mind our customer will be utilizing complete communication management suite. With this all their inquiry and customer calls, emails, WhatsApp, text messages will be centrally managed from Paramantra. Quotations, Proposals, Agreements, and other collateral will be developed and shared with customers using our system.

While the industry takes time to find direction and momentum, businesses are rapidly adopting modern management methods. We are excited to extend our initial set of offerings in the future to cover other areas such as inquiry response, order management, and fulfillment planning.

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