Property Portal Long Script for Site Visit Conversions

When was the last time you felt comfortable around a too well-spoken (almost unreal), overconfident and pushy individual or someone who seems desperate to get your attention and time?


Hint: Never.


Drum-rolls! – Here goes the script!


Prospect: Hello

You: (pause 1-2 seconds)  Am I speaking with “Prospect Name”?

Prospect: Yes/ Yes+Who is this/ Why are you calling

You: Prospect Name, You and I have never spoken to each other or met – But I need a minute to tell you why I am calling. Is this a bad time to talk for a minute?

Prospect: Ok, What is this in regard to? Tell me fast/ I have a minute.

Theory: Because the prospect says a minute, you do not need to rush. If you slow down you will win, if you go fast you will likely lose control over the outcome in the next few seconds. The following lines must be spoken as slowly, genuinely and matter of fact-ly as you can. With patience and practice, you will learn that your prospects slow down and stop forcing you, being aggressive, stubborn and demanding, if only you, slow down and go easy on the prospect. It is a human tendency to mirror and match other’s energy levels, it is bound to happen when both your minds are free from the fear of a negative outcome.

You: Well, I recently received an email from a property portal, which claimed that you may be interested in knowing more about our Project in “LOCATION-AREA- DESCRIPTION”. You know, sometimes property portals give us information which is not 100% accurate, so I am calling just to confirm that. Do you remember going on the property portal and exploring projects in “Location”??

Prospect: Yes, I do remember.

You: I know I called without an appointment, and you must be – busy this morning (if morning), having lunch (if noon/after), getting ready to wrap up work for the day (if later afternoon-evening). If you would like, I can call another time for a short discussion.

Prospect: If 1: Yes, call me (convenient time) or if 2: We can talk now

You: For 1: Sure, I will send you a reminder via SMS and email about our call (convenient time). Really looking forward to talking again. Thanks and have a nice day.

For 2: Sure, My name is (FIRST NAME) and I work in Client Relationships team here at ABC. For (Location name) our Project, Project name has about N number of residences getting ready by this date. Oh – before I proceed, can you please share with me – when would you like to occupy the residence?

Prospect: My time frame is (TIME FRAME)

You: Also, Sir/Ma’m – can you describe the ideal residence for your family, how many rooms you’d need, approximate budget that is easy for you in terms of financial planning, and your current home?

Theory: At this point the Prospect may answer and make it easy for you, or push back and not co-operate. It is not unusual for Prospects to ask for details, meaning replying to your question with more questions. Remember, if you do not ask questions, you are not selling-you are only telling. And telling does not make money. Selling does. So go back to Prospect’s questions, with some answers, politely and resume questioning. The goal is to ask questions, get answers, and then establish focus areas to get to the next steps in the sales process.

3: Use this section for a Prospect who does not give you many details, but asks for a lot of details, earlier than you would like in the process.

You : I appreciate the questions, you see for this Project, we have tried to accommodate a wide variety of prices and options. The all told prices today start (PRICE MINIMUM) to (Price Maximum). This variation depends on floors, area (Area Minimum) to area (Maximum). A quick question here, What attracts you to (THIS LOCATION)?

Prospect: Says something, sharing reasons about why the location is preferred.

4: Use this section below and ignore the Section 3, ONLY once the prospect shares reasons for being interested in the location.

You: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Well, the location is a great choice. Anyway – I have already taken quite some time on the phone, May I make a suggestion?

Prospect: Yes

You: Unless this is too forward, I was thinking – Why don’t you please come over to the project site, and we can discuss technical aspects of the project, your family’s requirements and possible options we may be able to offer? The project may or may not be a great fit, and you can easily decide that – but I will make sure your time is well utilized. Can you accommodate the meeting ?

Theory: Remember, do not give the prospects more reasons to like the location or your project just yet. They are already convinced — at least till this time, about the location. By using words like “may or may not be – you can easily decide” you are sharing control of the sales process with the prospect. There is no need to elaborate that if you do not make the prospect feel in control, the prospect will start trying to gain that by asking details, comparisons, pricing, discounts etc.; basically anything to send you back in position to service or chase. It is advisable that you start giving away control, so the prospect does what you need most at this stage, a site visit. Also, please use a close ended question – can you accommodate the meeting? In the prospect’s mind, the two biggest options here are Yes I can and No, I cannot. Honestly, both are good answers. In my opinion, the worst is when a prospect says email me with details, invariably leads to a long chase – unless you have already sent it, and if you already know that they have checked. If you ask an open-ended question: When can you accommodate, When are you free, What is a good time for you to visit (Planet Jupiter in some cases) you are going to force the prospect to Think it Over and you are likely to hear an unfavorable time frame or set of next steps. Therefore, ask closed ended questions, proceed to scheduling after the prospect says: Yes, I can accommodate. Then ask about the date. Do not propose date and time just yet, wait for the prospect.

Happy Selling!!

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