You Don’t Need 21X Site Visits, Do You?

Digital Marketing has emerged as a pertinent source of lead generation across verticals. Its importance has surpassed that of traditional methods. Irrespective of the size of your organisation, digital channels will help you gain higher conversions, help you connect to a growing base of mobile users and generate more ROI on your investment. Which is why organizations are experiencing a pressing need to join the digital bandwagon and to manage and execute these activities from one cohesive platform.

How Pervasive is The Digital Web?

The digital revolution has been huge, but how ‘huge’? We compiled data that will educate you about the widespread appeal of these channels and how profitable these can be for your business.

It is clear that digital channels have overpowered other mediums when it comes to lead generation and brand awareness.

The Quantity V/S Quality Conundrum

In our conversations with sales and marketing heads, we found 2 problems commonly associated with online lead generation. The one faced by marketers is based on the pressure to generate a large number of leads without exceeding specified budgets. On the other hand, sales teams often complain about the poor quality of online leads which, in turn, impede closures.  But it is possible for Real Estate organisations to bridge the gap between these polarised ends. And in doing so, completely extract revenue opportunities from digital channels.

MIT Report: Key Postulates and Impact on Real Estate Sales

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), a premier research university founded in 1861, conducted research on the effects of response time on customer acquisition. The research, which was headed by Dr James Oldroyd, was based on the analysis of 3 years of sales data. The key postulates of this report, which are most relevant to the Real Estate industry, state:

    • You gain 21 times more site visits if leads are engaged within 5 minutes, as opposed to 30 minutes, post enquiry.
    • Engagement within 5 minutes also aids in cutting down on lead wastage by 92%

  • The first part is to move towards the left of the assessment scale
  • The second is to ensure the enquiry is routed to the representative best suited to take action.
  • The final aspect involves perfecting the cold call. But sales representatives are unable to assess and cater to the psyche of the home buyer. To combat this problem, we have curated a call script that will help your sales teams effectively communicate with online leads.

Call For Sure, Sell With Paramantra!

The MIT report has clearly established the difference that 5 minutes can make to your Real Estate sales. But how do you achieve this level of engagement when you receive over 200 leads a day?

In our experience of working with 4000+ sales and marketing heads, we found one factor that separates sales success from failure: end-to-end automation.

At Paramantra we have achieved this by devising technology that ‘speaks’ to contemporary sales. Our Real Estate CRM enables native integrations with all sources, inbuilt intelligence for lead allocation and a high degree of automation, to ensure that there is zero loss of revenue due to missed opportunities or lack of action.

These processes require no manual efforts from your end. But the result you get includes 92% less lead wastage and 21 times more site visits.

We are sure you want to call home buyers when it matters the most. Contact us or drop an email to to know more.

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