How To Avoid These Top 4 Digital Marketing Mistakes

Are you a digital marketer on the lookout for a marketing strategy that guarantees success? If yes, then you have landed in the wrong place. We are not here to tell you what the “next-best” thing in the world of marketing is because there isn’t one. What we will tell you is how you can make the best out of your current strategy to dimish the high failure rate you have been experiencing.

Learning To Forget: How Unlearning What You Have Been Told Can Work Wonders For Your Strategy

Today, organisations cannot establish their brand or undertake lead generation without an effective strategy in place. What this also means is that the internet is rife with information about what is the “right” marketing strategy. But what no one tells you is that marketing is a process of constant unlearning. At all points, you have access to a sea of information about what works – but does it work for you? Nothing can be tailor-made for you unless you make it so. The most recurrent mistake that digital marketers make is implementing a strategy that has been used by someone else to their own business. No two organisation are alike even if they are similar. So, what works for them may not work for you. Which is why more than 50% of marketing strategies fail.

Does this sound complicated? Well, let us simplify the solution for you. Imagine marketing to be akin to taking a road trip to your favourite destination – in this case, it’s marketing success.

So now that you have your seatbelt on, let’s get moving shall we?

Where Are You Heading?

You wouldn’t drive somewhere without knowing your destination, so similarly you can’t create a strategy without understanding the goal. It is important that you identify, segregate and chart out your goals. Along with this, you need to map out your short, mid and long term goals and see if these are sync with those of your organisation. You can create dual strategies if you are focusing on plural aspects – like lead generation and branding. Also, it’s okay to take a stopover and assess if you are on the right path or not. So, give yourself the leeway to learn from your mistakes and tweak your strategy at regular intervals to stay on the right path.

How Are You Going To Get There?

Now that you know where you are heading, you need to know how you are going to get there. But to understand this, you need to have a clear understanding of the industry you are serving. There is a stark difference between B2B and B2C marketing. Which means that your buyer persona and target audience will also change. Only with this understanding can you begin to move towards your goal.

Which Route Will You Take?

Again, there are multiple roads that can take you to your destination, but which one works best for you? This is where a map would come in handy, so you can navigate your journey with ease. Forecasting is your map on the road to marketing success. It is important that you continuously forecast the estimated reach and sales targets you want to achieve. Set aside time every week or month to analyse your data and see how in sync it is with your forecasts.

How Long Will It Take For You To Get There?

Now that you have ticked the destination and the map off your marketing checklist, what’s next? The time you will take to get there. Your strategy will fail if you make incorrect estimations about how long it takes for your efforts to show tangible results. Digital Marketing is all about patience. Backlinking, SEO and rankings are actions that take time to generate results. What you can do is monitor the performance of organic and paid campaigns and provide estimations based on your analysis.

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