Why Travel Agencies Need to Invest in a CRM Software?

People love to travel. Today, more than ever before, the world has opened to the possibilities of exploring new horizons. People are more willing to get out of their comfort zones and explore unchartered territories. In such an exciting climate, travel agents, in particular, are experiencing an increase in business unlike ever before. Emphasis on travel also means that people are willing to spend more on varied holiday packages. So, as a travel agent, your job is no longer about providing a package, it is about providing an experience.  

Key Problems Faced by Travel Agents

Building this experience takes time and effort. It all begins with understanding what your customers are looking for and how you can deliver on their requirements in a much faster and economical way. It is difficult to find a loyal base of customers who choose you for every holiday that they undertake. This is due to an emerging tourism industry where everyone is vying for the attention of consumers. Everyone wants a piece of the pie and it is important to get there first. A customer’s experience with your service is what will define their long-term loyalty to your agency.  

Paramantra – You Provide the Experience, We Provide the Solution

How do you do gain long-term loyalty? You have a team of agents who are handling multiple customers and providing customized packages every day. In all this turmoil, how do you navigate the vast seas that lead to the shores of client satisfaction? Adopting a Travel CRM software is the solution that can help you get there.  

Paramantra’s Travel CRM software helps streamline multiple tasks and leaves you with more time to focus on customer engagement. Our CRM helps in the management of all customer communications, including email, SMS and call tracking. You will be able to track and monitor all client communications to understand if clients are happy with the experiences you offer.  

Features That Help Overcome Challenges

You no longer need to juggle between multiple platforms for tracking your calls, creating quotations/invoices and communicating with clients. Paramantra helps achieve all this by using one cohesive and secure platform. This will help you save additional costs that you are currently incurring because of multiple platforms. Also, storing confidential documents such as passport, payment details and address proof on email is always risky. You will be able to access all this data at any time from our secure travel agency software.

Paramantra’s CRM automates all pricing related functions including sending/modification of quotations, invoices, and the addition of discounts. This omits confusion about disparate pricing issues. You can be assured that all quotations & invoices will be sent out with accurate pricing.  

With Paramantra you gain a stronger understanding of revenue generated through marketing channels. You can cancel or modify campaigns and ads depending on their success rates. Paramantra equips you with a clear picture of your entire sales pipeline. Our software also equips you with detailed information on client requirements, seasonal changes and offers that are catching the attention of travellers. 

Paramantra’s Travel CRM software provides for a complete solution that helps you compete with online rates and provides experiences that ensure your customers stay with you. While you provide relaxing experiences, the last thing you need to take on is stress. We manage your stress, so you can focus on gathering and implementation of knowledge.  

The world has expanded and so have the possibilities, so it is important to expand the horizons of your travel enterprise and focus on exploring new opportunities.

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