Agri-Business CRM Implementation

Great example of #entrepreneurial resilience during these trying economic times. We are excited to on-board our #customer, based out of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India #automate their #sales process. Our customer specializes in farming and trading of agricultural produce and will use Paramantra to automate their entire customer management life-cycle.
Processes that we are automating for them include: managing incoming inquiries, maintaining pricing and quotations, store and stock optimization, pricing, and order fulfilment. Here’s an overview of business functions that we are helping this client automate.

1: What is available: Our customer needed a system to manage information about which crops and produce are being grown though its network of around 10000 farmers. This is in addition to the crops our customer grows and cultivates in farms they own. Not only have we helped our customer achieve this catalogue of sorts, as part of planned upgrades we are adding predictive inventory for cyclical crops to pave the way for futures trading.

2: What is required/Inquiries: Our customer also needed a system to track all inquiries that it receives from buyers. Inquiries were received primarily by way of phone calls and paper form fills from marketplace. We have created a simple system where orders can be automatically tracked and processed when created via telephone or entered via mobile app.

3: Trade, Order, Fulfilment: Once an order is received, based on parametric inputs our solution looks for possible suppliers(farmers). Once this search is completed the system can be used to inform prospective suppliers. This starts the process of finalizing orders and completing any procurement to complete the supply. Major modules that are implemented for these functions are, store and inventory, quotations management, purchase and vendor management, cost analysis and features related to broadcasting offers and updates to both buy and sell side.

Since our customer deals with both perishables and non perishables produce and its suppliers are not tech savvy we were constrained in automating the procurement process. This was the first business software purchase for our customer: we needed to make sure that users are able to easily understand and adopt functionalities for their day to day functioning. Adoption of business software in Agrarian ecosystems in a country like India is still in it’s infancy. With this deal we have added a new capability not only for agri-businesses, but for businesses that manufacture and trade within a large, complex and fragmented ecosystem. From #Fortune #50 to Agrarian small scale #business, Paramantra drives all customer engagement strategies.

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