Annuities Build Businesses

Transform unpredictable client cycles into reliable annuity contracts for steady business growth.

Enterprise CRM Software

Annuities Build Businesses

Transform unpredictable client cycles into reliable annuity contracts for steady business growth.

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Transforming after-sales revenue to an annuity-based model is essential for businesses seeking sustainable growth. By leveraging your existing relationships and revolutionizing your after-sales service and support, you can increase fulfillment values, identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and optimize the productivity of your installations. Paramantra can help you achieve these goals with our suite of advanced features and modules.
Collaboratively arrive at the value of your service contract with your customers, creating comprehensive agreements and inclusions to establish a steady source of revenue. Seamlessly manage your contracts and create newer pathways to customer satisfaction . Ensure customer success, operational efficiency, profitability and contribute to the environment with ParaDepot solution framework. Manage every aspect of product repair and return processes and bring every organizational function related to the repair process on one cohesive platform.
Paramantra’s intelligent insights enable you to derive valuable information from customer installations and usage, identifying cross-sell and upsell opportunities to maximize revenue potential. You can also run discovery and propensity analysis to identify these opportunities. Our platform modernizes your entire after-sales customer experience, maintaining and managing warranty, guarantee, product, and service inclusions, ensuring maximum value for your clients.
By utilizing Paramantra’s suite of advanced features and modules, you can focus on delivering high-quality products and services while maintaining a predictable, reliable revenue stream.


Asset Management

Manage, monitor and address entire install base of your business

Para Depot

Return, repair, refurbish, recycle seamlessly with our dedicated enterprise solution

Feedback Management

Monitor and address customer feedbacks promptly

Propensity Analysis

Easily identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

Service Contracts

Manage annual service and maintenance contracts of your customers

Customer Support

Leverage service portals and customer care modules to address all your customer concerns


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